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Beijing Says Private Companies Are Not Allowed To Support Taiwan Independence If They Want To Do Business In China

85C store in Shanghai (by Tzuhsun Hsu , via Wikimedia Commons China said that private companies are not allowed to support Taiwan independence if they want to do business in the country.  On August 16 Long Mingbiao (龙明彪), deputy director of the  Taiwan Affairs Office , the Chinese agency tasked with implementing the Communist Party's Taiwan policy, slammed companies that support Taiwan independence .  "We welcome Taiwanese companies' investment and development on the mainland, but we will absolutely not allow any company to make money on the mainland while at the same time supporting Taiwan independence forces and activities," Long said. Those remarks came after Chinese netizens called for a boycott of the Taiwanese company 85C Bakery and Cafe, which they accused of supporting Taiwan independence.  On August 14 Taiwanese President Ts'ai Ing-wen had visited an 85C cafe in Los Angeles during her stopover in the United States en route to Parag