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Taiwan's Filial Piety Awards (孝行獎)

On June 18, 30 Republic of China (ROC) nationals received this year's  Filial Piety Awards (孝行獎) , a prize that celebrates outstanding examples of filial devotion . Zhou Dingli (周鼎立), the oldest person to receive the award, is 85 years old, while the youngest, Wang Zhilong (王志龍) is only 14. A foreign spouse from Indonesia was also honoured with the prize. The Filial Piety Award ceremony was hosted by Wu Dunyi (吳敦義) , Vice-President of the ROC, and Chen Weiren (陳威仁) , head of the Ministry of the Interior which is also the organiser of the annual award.  The prize is an example of state-promoted filial piety (read my post about Filial Piety in Chinese Culture ). To some extent, it is comparable to the promotion of filiality through awards and memorial arches in the Chinese Empire . In Taipei itself there is still such a memorial arch. It is located inside 228 Peace Park and was constructed during the Qing Dynasty. It is also comparable to other similar public events, such a