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McSleepers - Number of Hong Kong People Sleeping At McDonald's Increases Sixfold

The number of Hong Kong people sleeping at McDonald's restaurants has increased almost sixfold since 2013.  People sleeping in McDonald's outlets, commonly known in Hong Kong as ' McSleepers ' or ' McRefugees ',  are a common sight in Hong Kong, where the presence of McSleepers is usually tolerated by employees.   According to a recent survey by the non-profit organization Junior Chamber International Tai Ping Shan, the number of McSleepers in Hong Kong has risen from 57 to 334 individuals over the period from 2013 to August 2018.  Embed from Getty Images In densely populated Hong Kong there are a a total of 116 McDonald's outlets open 24-hours: 30 in Hong Kong Island, 42 in Kowloon, 40 in the New Territories and 4 on the Outlying Islands. The American food chain provides not only cheap meals, but also free internet and air-conditioning, thus attracting customers from the city's poorest social groups.  Hong Kong-based Wenweipo re