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"Three Reasons to Marry a Japanese Girl"

A few days ago the YouTube channel Stopkiddinstudio released a video entitled " Three Reasons to Marry a Japanese Girl ". In the video, a Japanese girl named Amy explains in Chinese why Japanese girls are different from (and, according to her, better than) Taiwanese girls: 1) Japanese girls wear make-up and are well-dressed; for them, this is a way of being polite (化妝和打扮對日本女生來說是一種禮貌). 2) Japanese girls are considerate, they " won't ask their boyfriends to go and buy food in the middle of the night ". 3) Japanese girls are good at cooking, their food " will make their boyfriends happy and healthy ". The reactions of Taiwanese viewers have been mixed. Some people agreed with Amy and wrote that Japanese girls are indeed very cute; others wrote that both Taiwanese and Japanese girls are cute. A female viewer wrote: " Taiwanese men are gentle and soft. They can forgive us for being too natural, for acting like princesses sometimes,