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42 People Injured in Clash Between Students and Military in China's Hunan Province

41 hurt as fight breaks out during student military training in Hunan Province — (@chinaorgcn) August 26, 2014 On August 24 at about 16:30 a fight broke out between students and military instructors at Huangcang Middle School (皇仓中学) in China 's Hunan Province. 42 people have been injured , including a teacher and a military instructor . According to an  eyewitness , one of the students was unhappy about how a military instructor joked with a female student. He argued with the instructor and an altercation followed. The other instructors intervened and punished the whole class: they had to do push-ups, were kicked and beaten with sticks. The student who had started the quarrel apologised to the instructor he had attacked and the incident seemed over.  However, in the evening the commander of the instructors' team sought revenge. As the classes gathered for the evening session, he ordered the stude